YWEA Missions Program

   All funds raised are due by July 31, 2018


 YWEA (Youth World Evangelism Action) and the Church of God in Florida

YWEA is changing the world!  For the past 56 years, Florida has partnered with YWEA around the world.  We have been responsible to help build churches, orphanages, ministry centers, Bible Schools, and more. YWEA is fertile ground. 100% of what is given to Church of God International Youth and Discipleship goes directly to the YWEA ministry project.  This year, the Church of God in Florida YWEA focus is...        

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Florida is projected to have a banner year by breaking an all time giving record. 

Project Vision: 

  • Caring for Children
  • Conducting Benevolence and Outreach Ministries
  • Equipping Leaders -
  • Building Ministry Centers


Project Goal:  To accomplish the vision by uniting youth and children's ministries across the state of Florida in a state wide fund raising campaign to raise more than $100,000 


 Florida's Commitment to YWEA:  Since 1962 Florida has been a leader among the Church of God by raising more than $1,873,500.00 for YWEA around the world.  Florida young people have worked hard to raise funds to provide necessities such as buildings, ministerial training, health care, electricity, clothing, food, beds, education, clean water and the LOVE of Jesus!  The donations through the years have made a huge impact on the entire globe!

Our goal is to raise $100,000.00 from the state of Florida to help make an impact on the vision of YWEA.  Tools are provided to enable your participation as you become involved,  i.e.: promotional materials, video clips, pamphlets, power point slide presentations, fund raising booklet and much much more.  You can join this operation by accepting the challenge which lies ahead. 

YOU can be a vital part of Operation Possible: 

1.  Pray for the leadership, ministry, and those on the mission field.                                
2.  Open up your HEART and respond  by raising funds
3.  Contact the State Youth & Discipleship Director, or your local youth leadersfor more materials and information                                    
4.  Involve children, youth, and adults in Fall FIre Youth Rallies across the state 
    662920041 130x73                      KidMission-2018-SLIDE- hirez            Click on image for project video presentation                 Click on image for kids version of video
Heores Run For Orphans for Web 3
Heroes Run for Orphans is a special project sponsored by the Florida State Youth and Discipleship Department which encourages each participant to raise funds for the orphans by participating in a 5K.  This 5K can be accomplshed by running, walking or crawling; whichever activity is easiest for the participant.  Click on the image above to register your own web site for easy fund raising, learn more information and plan your participation now!  Click HERE on how to get started

If you would like a representative to come to your church or region to promote YWEA:
Dusty Wilson; State Director
3736 Cragmont Dr.; Tampa, FL.  33619 / 813-620-3366 ext. 109
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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