Church of God Association of Christian School

The Church of God Association of Christian Schools (CGACS) is an organization that operates under the auspices of the Florida Church of God, Tampa office. We believe in the ministry of Christian schools, pre-schools, and child care centers; and it is our mission to uphold the highest educational standards in our facilities. We desire to bring glory to God in all that we do.

As an accrediting association recognized by the State of Florida, this association oversees and grants CGACS licenses to operate child care facilities as an integral part of the local church. CGACS’s Child Care Standards Manual contains the guidelines that each child care facility must adhere to and which allows them to claim religious exemption from licensure with the state or county governmental agencies.

In order to be licensed through the Church of God Association of Christian Schools, a center must pass required inspections, participate in continuing educational training for staff members and pay an annual licensing fee based on the capacity of the center.

CGACS also inspects and supervises the organization of private Christian schools that operate as a part of a local church ministry. CGACS assists in the accreditation of schools and the certification of teachers. Academic Bowls are sponsored each year as part of the CGACS commitment to educational excellence.

The Church of God ministers of the state of Florida have mandated that all child care facilities and schools that operate as part of a local Church of God ministry must be a member of the Church of God Association of Christian Schools (CGACS).

For information regarding CGACS, or for a calendar of CGACS events contact:

Lola Brewer, Executive Director
Church of God Executive Offices
3736 Cragmont Drive
Tampa, FL 33619-1384
Phone: (813) 620-3366 x112