Ministerial Care

Serving as Florida’s Ministerial Care Representative is Pastor William H. Wooten.  The goal of Ministerial Care is to give the best care possible to hurting ministers.  When confronted with crisis, Ministerial Care is there to nurture and care for our ministerial families.  Also, we are able to conduct events and seminars which build and strengthen the minister’s marriage and family relationships.

Working with Reverend Wooten, serving as chaplains to their area, are our Ministerial Care Elders.  These men will be our first line of defense, ministering to pastors and their families faced with a crisis.

The Center for Ministerial Care at the International Office is commissioned to serve as a pastoral care agency to ministers and their families.  Under the competent and careful direction of Dr. Bill Leonard the CMC works with our State Office and our Ministerial Care Representative to counsel, assist, care for and support our ministers.

William H. Wooten, Representative
Waymon Miller, Liaison