Lay Ministries

Lay Leadership Development

The mission of LifeBuilders is to provide resources, leadership and hands-on training for our church membership, to assist in the development of the laity for the fulfillment of the Great Commission, and to partner with local church pastors to help provide service opportunities for every believer. LifeBuilders

Men and Women of Action
Men and Women of Action is a ministry which assists struggling congregations and ministries with construction and remodeling projects. Men and women volunteer their God-given talents and abilities in furthering the kingdom of God in practical ways, building and repairing churches, orphanages, parsonages, etc...

Our mission is to provide men and women with the opportunity to show the love of Christ by participating in hands-on ministry through volunteer services in construction, disaster relief and humanitarian assistance around the world while enhancing other ministries so they will be more effective, efficient, and fruitful in their
participation in the Great Commission. See how you can join us… check out our Current Project List